1 Aamal Between Dawn & Sunrise PDF
2 Etiquettes of Going to Toilet PDF
3 Cleansing the Teeth PDF
4 Ritual Ablution (Wuzu) PDF
5 Etiquettes of attending Mosques PDF
6 Etiquettes of Prayers PDF
7 Other Etiquettes of Namaz PDF
8 Merits of Takibaat PDF
9 Etiquettes of Takibaat PDF
10 Tasbih Az Zahra PDF
11 Rosary made of the turbat of Imam Al Husayn (a) PDF
12 Merits of reciting Ayah Kursi (2: 255), Ayah Al Shahadah, Ayah Al Mulk after every Namaz PDF
13 Merits of reciting Ayah Kursi after every Namaz PDF
14 Merits of Tasbihaat e Arbah PDF
15 Virtues of the "Effective Veneration" PDF
16 Merits of reciting Surah Tawheed after every Namaz PDF
17 Merits of Surah Qadr and reciting it 76 times in the day PDF
18 Merit of reciting Bismillah along with La Haula Wa La Quwwata PDF
19 Prostration of Thanksgiving (Sajda Al-Shukr) PDF
20 Prostration of Imam Mosa Al Kazim (a) and some of his Companions PDF
21 Etiquettes of The Noon (Zuhr) Prayer PDF
22 Etiquettes of the Sunset (Maghrib) Prayers PDF
23 Etiquettes of The (Isha) Evening Prayers PDF
24 Etiquettes of Bedtime PDF
25 Fear of Scorpion PDF
26 Fear of Wet Dreams PDF
27 Etiquettes of applying Kohl (Surmah) PDF
28 Salawat of immense rewards PDF
29 Letter of Yusha the son of Nun PDF
30 Dedication To The Dead PDF
31 Recitations for Fending Off Evil Self Inspirations PDF
32 Prayer of Istikharah with Sheets PDF
33 Istikharah PDF
34 Istikharah with Rosary (Tasbeeh)attributed to Imam Mehdi (a) PDF
35 Istikharah of the author of Al-Jawahir PDF
36 The time of Istikharah PDF
37 Etiquettes of Praying for fulfillment of needs PDF
38 Taweez against Headache & Ear ache PDF
39 Taweez against Migraine PDF
40 Taweez against Deafness PDF
41 Taweez against Mouthache PDF
42 Taweez against Toothache PDF
43 Taweez for Chest Pains PDF
44 Taweez for Curing of Coughing & against Stomach Pains PDF
45 Taweez against Colitis PDF
46 Taweez against Warts PDF
47 Taweez against all Tumors PDF
48 Taweez against Dystocia PDF
49 Taweez against Bewitchery PDF
50 Taweez against Fever PDF
51 Taweez against Mange, Furuncle & Herpes PDF
52 Taweez against Private Parts Pains PDF
53 Taweez against Knee Pains PDF
54 Taweez against Eye aches PDF
55 Suffering from Nosebleed PDF
56 Taweez for Neutralizing Sorcery PDF
57 Taweez for Fending Off Devils and Sorcerers PDF
58 Ayah Al Sakharah PDF
59 Harmel PDF
60 Taweez against Evil Eyes PDF
61 Taweez against Satan's Evil Insinuations PDF
62 Taweez against Thieves PDF
63 Taweez against Scorpions and Serpents PDF
64 Repelling The Evils of Jinn & Horrifying Authorities PDF
65 Emphasis on sending Gifts to the Dead PDF
66 Acquiring lesson from the Dead PDF
67 Tawassul with Holy Prophet (s) and H. Ali (s) PDF
68 Evil-Repelling Prayers and Supplicatory Amulets PDF
69 Protection from fleas & beasts PDF
70 Brief Supplications for this World and other worldly desires PDF
71 The all inclusive Supplicatory Prayer PDF
72 Lightening fast Prayer (for worldly desires) PDF
73 Incident of Abd al Rahman bin Sayyabah and the will of Imam Sadiq (a) PDF
74 Hirz e J.Fatimah (sa) PDF
75 Hirz e Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (a) PDF
76 Hirz e Imam Jafar Al Sadiq (a) PDF
77 Hirz e Imam Musa Al Kazim (a) PDF
78 Pocket Taweez PDF
79 Imam Al Rida's Taweez PDF
80 Hirz e Imam Al Jawad (a) PDF
81 Hirz e Imam Ali Al Naqi (a) PDF
82 Hirz e Imam Al Hasan Al Askari (a) PDF
83 Hirz e Imam Al Mahdi (a) PDF
84 Imam Husayn's dua in prayers PDF
85 Holy Prophet's prayer for security PDF
86 Ten duas for fufillment of petitions (requests) PDF
87 Special Qualities of some the Qur'anic Chapters And Verses PDF
88 Special Features of Surah Qadr, Tawheed & Ayah Al Kursi PDF
89 Unique charateristics of Surah Tawheed & 100 Ayahs from Quran PDF
90 Unique charateristics of Surah Ikhlas & some other Small Surahs PDF
91 Quranic Verses for safety from burning & drowning PDF
92 Quranic Verse for controlling the riding animal (mount) PDF
93 Quranic Verse from safety from wild beasts PDF
94 Verses to restore the lost things PDF
95 Verse for Security against Thieves PDF
96 Merits of Surah Zilzal PDF
97 Some Merits of other Surahs & verses PDF
98 Things taught by Holy Prophet (s) to Lady Fatimah (a) PDF
99 Three devotional acts before going to sleep PDF
100 Medicine for Dyspnoea (Difficulty in Breathing) PDF
101 Instruction of Isa Ibn Mariyam (a) for the ailment of Pale Face & Dark Eyes PDF
102 Aqiqah (Ritual sacrifice for the newborns) PDF
103 Manners of Aqiqah PDF
104 Tafa"Ul and Istikharah PDF
105 Numerical Istikharah PDF
106 Appearing Istikharah for Others PDF
107 Affection & Inclination towards Non Believers PDF
108 Prohibition on Shaving Beard PDF
109 Prohibition on Inclination towards the Wrongdoers PDF
110 Importance of Writing Bismillah on the House Door PDF
111 Importance of reciting of Qulho wallaho Ahad PDF
112 Importance of a ring of Aqeeq and looking at it in the morning and while praying PDF
113 Things to be kept in mind for Good Memory PDF
114 Etiquettes and Supplications pertaining to Death PDF
115 Writing of Will before death PDF
116 The Inscription that should be written and kept with the Dead PDF
117 Brief Manners & Talqeen to be recited near Dead PDF
118 Preparing the Shroud (Kafan) of Dead PDF
119 The Ritual Bathing (Ghusl) of The Deceased PDF
120 Shrouding the Dead Body PDF
121 Carrying The Dead PDF
122 Testimony from 40 Faithful Believers PDF
123 Manners of Carrying the Dead Person PDF
124 Burial PDF
125 Laws concerning Burial PDF
126 Prompting The Dead (Talqeen) PDF